Deploy NEST Desktop on HBPΒΆ

Human Brain Project

The documentation shows how to deploy NEST Desktop from docker hub on HBP resources.

HBP provides two OpenShift infrastructures


I strongly recommend to use the development page before you push NEST Desktop on


Step to deploy (in development)

First configure OpenID Connect client for NEST Desktop here.

You can copy command line from the web console of

Login to

oc login --token=<token>

Get status of current project:

oc status

You find a configuration and a bash files for setting up NEST Desktop on HBP. Execute the bash script and in the end it shows the IP needed for HBP authentication (see below):

cd infrastructure/

Further usage

Scaling up the replicas (pods or nodes):

oc scale --replicas=2 dc nest-desktop

Monitor log of a pod (Get pod name: oc get pod):

oc exec <pod> -- nest-server log

HBP Authentication and redirecting

To access to NEST Desktop on HBP infrastructure, an authentication of HBP membership is requested. You find the codes on

Here are the steps how to setup authentication and redirecting to NEST Desktop properly. Before you have to modify the environment for HBP authentication, i.e. OIDC_CLIENT_ID, OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET and CLUSTER_IP of NEST Desktop (which is printed after setting up NEST Desktop).

cd projects/nest-desktop-dev

Deploy Production

If NEST Desktop is ready for the production, meaning to deploy on Perform all steps same as in the development (


Thanks for the help to integrate NEST Desktop on HBP resources:

  • Alberto Madonna (Concepting)
  • Collin McMurtrie (Contacting)
  • Fabrice Gaillard (Concepting of user authentication)
  • Jonathan Villemaire-Krajden (Concepting)
  • Martin Jochen Eppler (Contacting)