EBRAINS is a platform infrastructure for neuroscience. NEST Desktop is available a a prototype online. Go to the description page on EBRAINS.

Access to NEST Desktop


An HBP account is required to access NEST Desktop.

If you have an HBP account, follow the link below:

You will see the login interface of HBP. Enter you account name and password, then it forwards you to NEST Desktop.

Request account of HBP

If you do not have HBP account, you can ask a member of HBP to invite you or request an account here:

Trouble shootings

Why cannot I find NEST Server?

Sometimes the issue is resolved when you check NEST Server.

If not, the problem lies in cookies and site data for the user authentication of the HBP. That cookie expires after a session. This happens when you re-access to after the browser is closed.

The simple solution is to reload the page that you can re-login.

A persistent solution is to set the browser configuration that it deletes cookies and site data when the browser is closed (It works in Firefox).