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Use NEST Desktop on EBRAINS


EBRAINS is a platform infrastructure for neuroscience. NEST Desktop is available as a prototype online.


You need an EBRAINS account to access NEST Desktop.


Why cannot I find NEST Simulator?

Sometimes the issue is resolved when you check NEST Simulator.

If not, the problem lies in the cookies and site data for the user authentication of the EBRAINS platform. That cookie expires after a session. This happens when you re-access to https://nest-desktop.apps.hbp.eu after the browser is closed.

A simple solution is to reload the page with deleting the cookies (CTRL + SHIFT + R) so that you can re-login.

A persistent solution is to set the browser configuration so that it deletes cookies and site data when the browser is closed (It works in Firefox) - but avoid to accidentally delete cookies you want to keep!


Please avoid to accidentally delete cookies you want to keep! Ensure to export your projects if you want to keep them - the save button stores them only in the cookie!