Coding conventions

General coding conventions

  • The TypeScript and ESLint options can be inspected in their respective config files.

  • An .editorconfig for the basic settings is also available.

  • In .rst files, the line length should not exceed 120 by much. This is of course not a fixed rule, but the .editorconfig seems not to be able to guarantee this and we have not found a convincing alternative. A bigger problem is that there are cases, where longer lines make sense (e.g when they contain very long URLs or within bullet points, the latter with the possibility to use backslashes, which is sometimes quite cumbersome).

  • The general coding conventions for Vue, TypeScript and for Python (see PEP 8) should be followed.

  • For .ts files, the type any should be used as rarely as possible (and might be removed in the future).

  • We usually capitalize only the first letter of a title, except programming expresssions like class names, etc.

Naming conventions

  • Names should be self-explanatory.

  • We use camel case for custom .class names in Vue files.

  • Kebab case is used for standard .class names in Vue files.