The semantic versioning

During the course of development, the implementation of (new) features in NEST Desktop will be reviewed for compatibility. In this concept a general rule of the semantic versioning NEST Desktop was introduced that the operational capability of the application can be guaranteed.


Please be aware of the differences to the official Semantic versioning standard!

The formal convention of the version releases for specifying compatibility in NEST Desktop uses a three-part number:

A major number

It uses a new framework, it might be not backward-compatible to older versions. In this case, stored data could be lost. However, it is able to import older data.

A minor number

It is a breaking feature such as a new library or a minor changes of the data structure. It means that this version could cause the compatibility issues and the user might reset the data of the page.

A patch number

It is a bugfix and non-breaking features were added to the code. The user is able to work with different patch versions of NEST Desktop and NEST Simulator.