Python Package Index (PyPI)ΒΆ

Docker NEST

To build and deploy NEST Desktop on PyPi is a cruical step for the development. With it, Docker hub can update NEST Desktop and NEST Server in babsey/nest-desktop image.

Steps to build and deploy

Current work directory: nest-desktop.

The Python Package Index nest-desktop includes an executive command nest-desktop and a Python library nest_desktop.

First update the version of nest-desktop in src/packages.json and in nest_desktop/

Then generate app package using yarn. It builds the folder nest_desktop/app:

yarn run build

Next, remove the folders:

rm -rf build/ dist/ nest_desktop.egg-info/

Then generate distribution packages of nest-desktop for PyPI:

python3 sdist bdist_wheel

Finally, upload nest-desktop to PyPI:

python3 -m twine upload dist/*