NEST Desktop is written in HTML5 but compiled by Angular, a web framework written in TypeScript. For Angular you need to install nodeJS (+ yarn).

I have prepared Singularity recipe that build an environment with required packages for the develompment. You can find the definition file in singularity/nest-desktop-dev.def for building Singularity container.

  • Python 3.4 or higher
  • NEST Server, NEST Simulator (Test app)
  • nodeJS, npm, yarn (Build app)
  • setuptools, wheel, twine (for PyPI)
  • sphinx, sphinx rth theme (for Readthedocs)

Source code

The source code of NEST desktop is hosted at

Clone NEST Desktop from the github repository:

git clone

Environment for development

The definition file nest-desktop/singularity/nest-desktop-dev.def contains an adequate environment to develop and build NEST Desktop.

Build a singularity image:

singularity build nest-desktop-dev.sif nest-desktop/singularity/nest-desktop-dev.def

Go to shell of singularity container:

singularity shell nest-desktop-dev.sif